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Lake Vanamõisa
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Lake Vanamõisa is to the northern border of Tõrva town at Tõrva-Pikasilla highway. The sheet of water covers 2 hectares; the depth of the lake reaches 10,5 metres. Formerly the lake was larger, today some parts of the bank areas have become swampy. The most fascinating view opens on the ridge of Musumägi.

According to a folk-tale, during the old days the lake was to the right of the present day Tartu highway between fertile fields. The lake had transparent water and high banks. The people thought the lake sacred and kept it clean. Then the new inhabitants who did not care for the beauty of the lake arrived; they irritated the water fairies by throwing trash into the water. One day an enormous black ox emerged from the lake and disappeared into the nightfall and the water of the lake followed splashing behind. When the ox reached the spot of the present lake, the creature fell into the swamp. A lake emerged above the ox – turbid, dark, gloomy, and frightening to the people.
A park forest grows today on the banks of the picturesque body of water. V. Kuik’s movie “Family Photos” has been filmed here.