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Tikiste Valley
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Tikiste Valley is situated at the western edge of Tõrva town (Viljandi, Pargi, and Piima Streets lead there). The steep primitive valley (the width of the valley flat is 150-250 metres) begins at Helme parsonage and falls into the valley of the Õhne River. The road leading through a park-like forest crosses moraine hills and Tikiste stream in the bottom of the valley, passes Devonian sandstone denudation and numerous crystal clear springs. The trout lives in the clear and cool water of Tikiste stream and the kingfisher nestles on the river banks. The spring has been dammed up into a small lake before flowing into the Õhne River.
The bottom and brinks of the valley are covered with high fir-forests and planes; there are thickets of bird-cherry, hazel and gray alder in the southern part of the valley. Cuckoo can be heard here already at the end of April; nightingales jug even during the midday in May; at sunset nesting bank-martins twitter in the northern brink.