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Tõrva Stronghold
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Tõrva ancient fortified stronghold is situated on the gravelly moraine ridge on the left bank of the Õhne River. In addition to the 13-17 metres high slopes the ancient stronghold was naturally protected by a river on one side and a marshy meadow on the other. In the southeastern and northwestern side the access was blocked by an artificial mound. Among other Estonian strongholds Tõrva ancient fortified stronghold strikes the eye because of its size and the difficulty level of the building. Thus it can be compared to Punamägi of Äntu, Sadulmägi of Neeruti and Iru stronghold. During the archaeological excavation which began in 1965, guided by academician Harri Moora, two levels of evolution could be distinguished of the cultural layers of the stronghold (accordingly from the second half of the first millennium and from the beginning of the second millennium.

The stronghold with its surroundings is known as Tantsumägi (Dance Hill). Under the beautiful firs an open-air stage where singing and dance festivals are celebrated has been built. Each year a bonfire celebrating the Midsummer Night has been lighted here. The town itself is connected with Tantsumägi by Endla Raim, an architect from Tõrva, who has designed the arch-bridge of tantsumägi.