Hotell De Tolly


About the Hotel

De Tolly is the shortened version of the famous Russian general Barclay de Tolly’s name. We have chosen his name because of the fact that Barclay de Tolly is the most famous person connected with this countryside, an internationally known historic figure of Scottish origin, whose remains rest nearby, 8 kilometres from Tõrva, in the family burial chapel in Jõgeveste.
The hotel has two tennis courts, minigolf, open-air grill, possibilities to take a canoe trip or bicycle journey, etc. The best way to relax during the summertime is to have a picnic in the park of the magnificent Holdre Castle, or entertain oneself with a boating trip including picnic and sauna near Lake Valgjärve.
Two lakes are situated near the hotel; one of them (Lake Vanamõisa) includes also a diving tower for the courageous ones.