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Holdre Castle
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Holdre mõisHoldre is the daughter of Taagepera. Although it is much smaller the castle bears the same aura. There are more similarities to be found than the ones noticeable at the first sight. High gables, characteristic of the medieval town building architecture, make both the houses expressive. There is no doubt that at least by the choice of the architect, the relative owners follow the same path. As well as Taagepera, the architecture of Holdre has first of all the ancient strength of Finnish national Romanticism and the majesty of the Scandinavian sagas. Bluish granite boulders in the socle wall, slender chimneys crowning the rooftops, and still, Holdre seems younger. Differently from Taagepera, which is gloomy and grave, Holdre reflects more delight and Jugendstil as greater amount of sincere faith and excitement of childhood can be found here.
Holdre manor, situated in the borderline of southern Estonia, was the smallest of Helme parish for a long period of time. The grand construction work began only in 1909 when Woldemar Dimitri von Ditmar bought the place. He probably made the bargain on recommendation of Hugo von Styk, the owner of Taagepera manor. Otto Wildau, an architect who was working in Riga and had designed von Styk’s building in Taagepera (between 1907-1912), seems to have projected the building of Holdre manor as well. Both Taagepera and Holdre manors became prominent examples of the national romanticist trend called art nouveau, being influenced by the Finnish architecture of that period. During the Soviet period Holdre manor was used as a pioneer camp. During the past years the building has been empty.

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